The Pride

Working together, lions are better equipped to look out for their own and bring down bigger game. Just like members of the Pride: Career Lion's strategic business network.

Lions are the only cats that are socially driven. Their connections enable them to hunt and thrive through synergy and the strength of numbers. Their unique structure is defined by the word "pride" - just like ours.

The Pride is an international network of exceptional professionals committed to driving and encouraging business excellence and the maximization of career potential. 

Simply put, clients who have benefited from our solutions have experienced processes, insights and levels of awareness and focus that are valued by employers and fellow Lions. Being in the Pride is a statement that you are proactive, that you invest in yourself, that you are on an advanced career track and that you have the supporting expertise and tools to continue to excel. This amounts to risk mitigation and pre-qualification for prospective employers and business partners and often leads to Lions working together.

As the Pride includes accomplished professionals across diverse industries and positioned in the upper echelons of top companies, we frequently connect Lions to exceptional mutual benefit through opportunities for work, partnering, advisory, professional development and networking. 

Wonder where the Lions are?

Our clients currently work or have worked for organizations including:

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  • Amex logo
  • ATT logo
  • Bell logo
  • CanPost logo
  • CdnTire logo
  • Domtar logo
  • Electrolux logo
  • First Data logo
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  • GT logo
  • Husqvarna logo
  • IMS logo
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  • Mastercard logo
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  • Nokia logo
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