Lion Path

The Lion Path

In ancient Egypt, the Lion Path was the journey of kings and their families toward the realization of their full potential. Believing there was a Vital Force within them that could be restored, cultivated and focused, they pursued strategic steps to transform themselves, overcome worldly obstacles and experience perfection.

The inside track to realizing your full career potential

In today’s world, there are countless decisions, distractions, obligations and daily demands that will detract your focus and inhibit your strategic pursuit of career objectives. Connectivity and a faster pace of living have all but eliminated the separation between “work life” and “personal life”. Your 40+ hour/week job and how you choose to approach it WILL impact how you live, your relationships, how you are perceived and the degree to which you like what you see in the mirror.

The Lion difference

From a career perspective, Career Lion excels in cultivating and directing your Vital Force - not through theory or new age rhetoric, but through focused expertise, necessary mindsets, actionable recommendations, networking and exceptional carer communication tools that help you stay on the right career track from your first job through to retirement.

Unlike most executives, our Lions do not wander the road without direction or purpose. They invest in becoming elite versions of their professional selves. They have stronger, decisive and dominant personal career brands. They access the expertise, support and tools to thrive within the business jungle and the open expanses of opportunity. They can work together to bring down bigger game. Aware, proactive and ambitious, they experience greater career successes powered by their focus, our team and their PRIDE.

If you want to overcome obstacles, strategically realize your full career potential and consistently work to win, Career Lion is for you.

And the sooner you get on the right path, the farther you will go.