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Transition Logo 2Our career TRANSITION solution makes it easy for employers and transitioning professionals to do the right thing at a difficult time.

When organizations restructure and downsize, outgoing employees are forced into unexpected career transitions that can be challenging, demoralizing and stressful. Motivated by empathy, fairness, a need for support or the desire to preserve a quality reputation, too many companies spend a fortune on outplacement without actually giving their outgoing employees the essential tools and support they need.

Career Lion’s TRANSITION program delivers - at a fraction of the cost of traditional packages.

Unlike most outplacement companies that outsource services, Career Lion specializes in coaching and resume solutions and excels in providing the personal attention, quality representation tools, consultation and clarity required to ensure successful career transitions. Our communications, career branding expertise, level of personalized service and value-for-investment are second to none.

Our most popular TRANSITION program includes:

  • Career Clarity Process (average 10-hour comprehensive role-by-role and competency career assessment)
  • Advanced Resume Development
  • LinkedIn Profile Optimization
  • Synergy Coaching (2-hours)
  • Synergy Multi-Submission Cover Letters


Our 8-Point TRANSITION program guarantee

  1. You will gain powerful personal marketing tools and an edge in job searches and internal advancement opportunities for the rest of your career.
  2. Your investment will ultimately pay for itself (likely over and over) through the opportunities and compensation it will help you to secure and the value it will help you to convey.
  3. You will experience renewed confidence and clarity, improved self-esteem and a better sense of exactly what you bring to the table.
  4. You will become more capable at interviewing and promoting yourself throughout your career.
  5. Your solutions will be modifiable to give you a long-term, sustainable career edge.
  6. You will be able to clearly define your roles to others and demonstrate how you personally delivered in those positions to justify your employers’ investment and return on your salary.
  7. You will have professional, value-building content you need to promote yourself in print, in-person and online.
  8. You will plug in to our national network of career, business and professional development opportunities.