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LI Optimization logoLinkedIn is more than just a numbers game of “collecting connections”. It is an opportunity to make those connections work for you by putting your resume, skill set, career value and potential to contribute into the hands of everyone in your network, every contact in their network, and so on.

A professional LinkedIn profile is a must in today's career marketplace. In any career - and especially when seeking a new one - networking is a high value activity. With over 175 million members, LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network and adds 10 new members every 5 seconds. Half of LinkedIn’s revenues come from hiring solutions and it is regularly used as a recruiting research tool to evaluate candidates and follow-up on the initial impression created by resume submissions.

Whereas a resume usually only reaches the people you submit it to, your LinkedIn profile is an online resume promoting your experience and expertise 24/7 throughout the world.

An investment in your future

Think back through the years. Now imagine if you’d kept a record of all the professionals you’ve met. You’ll likely find it very hard to wrap your mind around because we meet hundreds, if not thousands of people each year. Some of those relationships probably couldn’t help you. Others could - and maintaining free access to them certainly couldn’t have hurt. Therein lies the importance of LinkedIn.

The true value of LinkedIn is not just centered on the now: it exists in the will be. It’s a tool that will likely rise tremendously in value over the course of the next decade. It’s one of the most focused and results-oriented social network on the web because it has one core purpose: cultivating professional relationships.

Get connected

In your career, a multitude of connections is a pipeline of possibilities. Everyone in your network represents a possible client, job, source of information and strategic partnership. There are online groups and associations dedicated to your career path. Just as companies pay significant amount of money to buy and build contact lists, you can use LinkedIn to build and grow your professional career contact list - for free.

A professional, engaging LinkedIn profile is a must in today's career marketplace.

Without an optimized profile that reflects a strong resume, you will miss chances to connect with career and business development opportunities and you will never fully leverage, capitalize on the advancements or reap the benefits of the fast-growing, dominant medium that is LinkedIn.

Our LinkedIn Optimization solution guarantees that you benefit from advanced expertise within the LinkedIn social media platform, including integration of the latest features and applications wherever relevant to your career. Once your optimized profile is established across all relevant sections, you will be able to maintain and update it in the long-term to ensure that you consistently benefit from the best-possible representation when it comes to attracting career opportunities, offers and professional connections online.