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ARD Logo VerticalYour resume has to maximize your perceived value, sell your potential, invite interest and secure interviews. When the result impacts your life and career, send the best possible representative for a must-have product: YOU.

The job market has changed immensely in the last several years. Hiring managers now have access to a very wide and strong pool of talent. More than ever before, a value-building resume is an essential career asset whether you are a top-level executive, a recently graduated student or a professional seeking to secure a promotion or gain maximum benefits from coaching.

Taking your career value to a whole new level

Time-tested and proven effective, our Advanced Resume sets the standard for elite representation by resume. For the majority of our clients, their Advanced Resume Development process is, in a word, transformative. It transforms individuals into high-potential assets, experience and skills into marketable value and job searches into rewarding careers. Our eye-opening development process and results are likely to forever change the way that you understand and position yourself from a career perspective. A bold claim, but we know it’s true.

An exceptional career tool for exceptional results

No other firm has the time-tested expertise and proven approach to documenting, promoting and helping you to understand your maximum career value. Our team regularly manages sourcing, hiring and interviewing for organizations from a myriad of industries. We have interacted with thousands of hiring executives and employers across Canada. We have presented tens of thousands of roles and achievements to promote maximum perceived value at all stages of careers. We know how to showcase your skills, talents and achievements to make lasting impressions, increase response rates, provoke interview requests and shorten job searches.

Our innovative Advanced Resume provides all the information of a traditional resume and more. Recruiters and hiring managers from Canada’s top organizations have reported that it is a superior resume format that gives them the information they need to make educated decisions and mitigate risk.

It literally pays you to know what we know

Positions have budgeted salaries that can range thousands of dollars. Where you initially fall within this compensation range is commensurate with your experience and - most of all - perceived value. Hiring managers start to assess your value long before you meet in person. Like it or not, your resume is your virtual representative. By projecting maximum career value with your resume, Career Lion does more than just increase your chances for great interviews. Hiring managers will invite you to those interviews believing that you belong in the higher budgeted compensation range. That is why our Advanced Resume is a smart investment that can earn you thousands of dollars at each stage of your career.

Career clarity and a lasting edge

Our Advanced Resume Development process takes individuals through a comprehensive role-by-role and competency career assessment and prepares them for impressive in-person interviews. Guaranteed to promote maximum career value and confidence, this Career Clarity Process typically takes about 6-10 hours and empowers candidates to fully understand, encapsulate and present a career’s worth of skills, experience and accomplishments in high-value terms.

Our Advanced Resume Development clients regularly experience benefits that include a superior and essential career tool, a stronger personal career brand, renewed confidence, better interviews, increased job opportunities, higher salary offers and successful career transitions.