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Accelerator logoWhy reward graduation with technology that will be outdated in six months or an expensive pen destined for a drawer? Career Lion’s ACCELERATOR program helps recent graduates to take the next step and gives them a lasting career edge.

If you are a recent or soon-to-be graduate, an impressive resume is the next most important document after your degree. In a market that is saturated due to downsizing, employers have access to a wide pool of talent and opportunities for graduates have been reduced. More candidates are now competing for fewer jobs with lower compensation.

A head start and a sustainable advantage

Career Lion’s ACCELERATOR program helps entry level job seekers to launch their careers and establish effective personal branding, value tracking and job transition techniques that will continue to pay dividends for many years and jobs to come.

Most graduates come to us with no resume or ones that are very student-oriented. They unknowingly position themselves as untried risky hires who are still learning and looking to be granted an opportunity. Our program brands them as high potential professionals with documented skills and translatable experience.


Marketing maximum value to prospective employers. Promoting maximum alignment with your desired career path. Showcasing valuable, transferable skills. Promoting sought-after attributes. Presenting paid/unpaid experience in the highest value terms. Highlighting relevant career and educational achievements. Demonstrating impressive professionalism and career focus. Giving you a better understanding of hiring managers. Arming you with the ability to interview better and a proven, essential career tool that you can continue to use throughout your career. These are the advantages of ACCELERATOR.

Our most popular ACCELERATOR program includes:

  • Career Clarity Process (average 3-5 hour comprehensive role-by-role and competency career assessment)
  • Advanced Resume Development
  • LinkedIn Profile Creation/Optimization Synergy Coaching (2-hours)
  • Synergy Multi-Submission Cover Letters
  • Top areas that graduates ask our advice on:
  • Post Graduation: What’s Next?: Transitioning from the finish line to the start of the real race.
  • Realities of the Workplace: How to hit the ground running & avoid culture shock
  • Communicating Value: The real world value of what you know & what you’ve done
  • Critical Tools & Mindsets: Must-know attitudes, approaches & habits to drive success
  • Your Career Brand: Represent yourself to win in a resume, social media & networking
  • Sustainable Edge: Tips to ensure that you maintain advantages throughout your career


Our 8-Point ACCELERATOR program guarantee

  1. You will gain powerful personal marketing tools and an edge in job searches and internal advancement opportunities for the rest of your career.
  2. Your investment will ultimately pay for itself (likely over and over) through the opportunities and compensation it will help you to secure and the value it will help you to convey.
  3. You will experience renewed confidence and clarity, improved self-esteem and a better sense of exactly what you bring to the table.
  4. You will become more capable at interviewing and promoting yourself throughout your career.
  5. Your solutions will be modifiable to give you a long-term, sustainable career edge.
  6. You will be able to clearly define your roles to others and demonstrate how you personally delivered in those positions to justify your employers’ investment and return on your salary.
  7. You will have professional, value-building content you need to promote yourself in print, in-person and online.
  8. You will plug in to our national network of career, business and professional development opportunities.