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Resume Blueprint 2Our Resume Blueprint & Development Guide is a must for anyone who wants to develop an effective resume designed for maximum impact during their career.

Career Lion’s Resume Blueprint & Development Guide is more than just a customized assessment of your resume and your ability to self-promote and communicate your career value. Your Resume Blueprint will give you the information you need to a) objectively evaluate your existing resume based on expert feedback and insights, b) improve the content and appearance of your resume working on your own or with others, and c) assess the value of our career branding solutions so that you can make a confident investment in yourself and your future.

Every day we help professionals who thought they had a great resume and an understanding about personal branding. Discover what we can do for you.

What you can expect from your customized Resume Blueprint & Development Guide

  • A customized assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of your current resume and LinkedIn profile (if applicable);
  • Actionable insights on the specific gaps/issues you will need to address to improve your resume;
  • Expert communication tips and recommendations specific to developing a resume for your chosen career path;
  • Essential insight into the mindsets of today’s hiring managers: what they look for and what they need to know;
  • Understanding of how to measure and fully promote your career value;
  • Recognizing how to avoid common pitfalls: critical details about self-marketing and misconceptions and shortcomings of traditional resumes.


Our Resume Blueprint Guarantee:

At Career Lion, our philsophy is that professionals should invest in their careers and only on solutions they actually need. Accordingly, if we feel your resume is comprehensive and effective enough, we will just tell you so and you will not be charged for a review of your resume.

What does this mean for you? You will either benefit from targeted, actionable advice that will help you to improve your resume or you will receive - at no cost to you - an expert confirmation that you will be submitting a relevant, quality document to help you progress in your career. Either way, it equates to your peace of mind.