Your career is your primary investment and likely to provide more return than any other. Through Career Lion, managers like you invest in themselves to capitalize on career opportunities, promote maximum perceived value and access higher earning power.

Middle level managers face unique challenges when encapsulating and promoting their full career value and experience.  Too little or too much time spent in a role is subject to negative assumptions. Downsizing and restructuring have saturated the market with mid-level leaders. Competition can be fierce and effective personal branding tools, insights and strategies are must-have sustainable advantages. A lack of them is the major reason why so many qualified management candidates will fail to attract opportunities and interviews this year.

It literally pays to know what we know

Our recruiting specialists know that mid-level management positions usually have budgeted salaries that range thousands of dollars. Where you initially fall within this compensation range depends on your documented experience and - most of all - perceived value. Hiring managers start to assess your value long before you meet in person.

Like it or not, your career branding tools are your virtual representatives. By projecting maximum career value, Career Lion does more than just increase your chances for securing new career opportunities and great interviews. Hiring managers will invite you to interviews for those opportunities believing that you belong in their higher budgeted compensation range. That is why our solutions are smart investments that can earn you thousands of dollars at each stage of your career.

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